Making and Social Value Session

Dr. Tiffany Jenkins is Director of the Arts & Society Programme at the Institute of Ideas where she oversees the Arts related events run by the London-based think-tank and advises on the annual festival, ‘The Battle of Ideas’.  She also writes and broadcasts for the national media.  CJ O’Neill is a maker, designer, workshop leader and Programme Leader at Manchester Metropolitan University.  CJ works in ceramics and has initiated and run a number of innovative community projects engaging disadvantaged people, including NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training – a UK government classification applicable to 16-24 year olds), in ceramic making.  Claire Harris is an inter-disciplinary maker, designer, workshop leader and Lecturer at Coventry University, Nottingham Trent University and the University of the Creative Arts.  She specialises in textiles.  Andy Cathery joins us from the Xtravert Project, Real Ideas Organisation, based in Cornwall.  Dr. Matthew B Crawford is author and Research Fellow at the University of Virginia.  A philosopher and mechanic, Matthew has a PhD in Political Philosophy from the University of Chicago and also runs Shockoe Moto, an independent motorcycle repair shop.

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