Open Discussion: Craft in the 21st century & Higher Education and Craft

Picking up on some of the themes raised in our online pre-event User Voice discussion board - - we discuss the role of higher education in shaping the craft sector.  We want to hear your views on how craft teaching and learning are evolving in response to changing times, and to discuss the future for craft in Universities and beyond.  Chaired by Mary Schwarz (cultural sector consultant).  Linda Ball (University of the Arts London) and Will Hunt (Institute of Employment Studies) will be joining you for this debate With Linda Ball, Senior Research Fellow, University of the Arts London and Will Hunt, Research Fellow at the Institute of Employment Studies, authors of Crafting Futures: a study of the early careers of craft graduates from UK Higher Education Institutions (Institute of Employment Studies, Crafts Council, and University of the Arts London, 2010), a report launched by the Crafts Council at Assemble 2010.  The report can be downloaded from the Crafts Council website:  All suggestions will be posted up on User Voice live to capture your ideas and continue the discussion online post the event.
We’ve been following the ideas raised by you on our pre-event User Voice discussion board - - and host an open session inviting you to respond to the question “What do we need in place to enable the crafts industry to fulfil its potential in the 21st Century?”.  We’ll kick off with some thoughts raised on User Voice about the perception of craft needing to change and then open out to embrace any key areas you think are important in the craft sector for the future.  All suggestions will be added live onto User Voice as a document of our conversation, and a living manifesto for the crafts sector.