Andrew Cornell Robinson - 2010
Artist, arts + crafts research studio

Based in New York, Andrew works across fashion, design and craft within his portfolio practice

Andrew Cornell Robinson was born in New Jersey in 1968 and currently lives and works in New York. He received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Robinson’s work includes ceramic sculpture, collage, work on paper and sculptural assemblage. Rooted in the history of craftsmanship and abstraction, Robinson’s playful work taps into the viewer’s unconscious, often intertwining fragments of objects with cut-out shapes and partially obscured images that evoke memory and recollection.

His work taps into the viewer’s unconscious, often intertwining recognizable fragments with abstract shapes and obscured images that evoke magic, ritual, memory and recollection. Using techniques of fragmentation, splicing, and re-contextualization, Robinson’s work is provocative and open-ended. For his assemblage he uses drawn images from observation, photographs and historical archives, combining fragments of bold line drawn characters with humor masking folkloric, political, malevolent and potent sexual imagery to make work that borders between figuration and abstraction with referents toward a darker psychology. In his ceramic works, he creates forms and fragments of objects that have the ethos of some relic retaining the residual authority of an esoteric anachronism. Shapes defined by line drawn figuration, objects and physical forms are often cobbled together and hang from the wall like a tangle of forms hiding, emerging and revealing image, narrative and abstraction.

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