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Daniel Miller - 2010
Professor of Material Culture Studies, Department of Anthropology, University College London

Daniel's research encompasses a diverse interpretation of Material Culture with a focus on what, how and why things are consumed and collected.

Recent books include Au Pair (Polity 2010) presenting ethnographic reserch on the experience of Slovakian au-pairs and their host families in London conducted with Zuzana Burikova, and The Comfort of Things (2008 A summary of all my previous work is being undertaken in two new volumes. Rather than editing previous papers, these volumes are intended to comprhensively re-write early materials in a more accessible style, and discuss the relationship between them. The first volume Stuff was published in October 2009 by Polity press. A second volume Consumed by Doubt is currently being written.. Currently he runs the Global Denim project with Sophie Woodward and edited with Haidy Geismar. 


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