Lynne Murray - 2010
Jeweller and Brand Director, Holition

Lynne has developed her research into digital technologies and craft through a pioneering Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Lynne Murray works within jewellery, design, manufacture and virtual reality and is currently Brand Director at Holition.  Lynne is a founding member of Holition as a result of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, a government funded scheme delivered by the Technology Strategy Board which links a university, a business and an associate to deliver a unique project to increase the competitiveness of UK business. Within Holition, Lynne works closely with global brands to deliver innovative Augmented Reality solutions for retail, both online and in-store.

Lynne graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 2006 with an MA in jewellery and continues to personally develop research activities started at the RCA focusing on jewellery within the limits of digital manufacture and design reasoning. Extended research into available parallels between the ‘real’ and tangible legacy of made and virtual objects partners with a continuing interest in early research focusing on rapid manufacture as end product.

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